Charlotte Ruby User Group

Now Running on Octopress

Our site is now powered by Octopress. Thanks to Flaviu for helping me move this site over from it’s previous implementation to a GitHub Pages powered one. You can learn move about what Octopress is here. If you have ideas for content, links, or even design chops to help improve the site, we welcome any contributions. Send us a pull request or tweet @cltrb for more info.

Hack Night - May 11th

Come out and enjoy a great night of hacking code with fellow rubyists! We are meeting at Area 15 @ 7:00pm.

We should have a representative outside. Send @cltrb a tweet if you can’t find anyone.

Hope to see you there!

Aaron Bedra - Metrics Magic

Aaron Bedra of Relevance came down and spoke about static code analysis and the benefits it can have on the quality of your codebase. He talks about the differences and benefits of RCov, Flog, Flay, Roodi, and Reek.


available on vimeo


available on slideshare

Catching Up: Organizational Meeting

From the Meetup group page

[Jim] started organizing the group about six months ago with a meeting at Amelie’s Bakery. We’ve had a number of different Charlotte Rubyists come out to meetings since. I feel that the group is becoming quite a little success, and it’s all thanks to members like you.

I’d like to have a casual, catch-up meeting to talk about what we’re all doing with Ruby, and what the group could be doing to better benefit its members. It’s quite possible that a computer will come out and there will be some hackery to accomplish a goal or two– it can’t be ruled out!

Some of us met at the end of the last meeting and had such a good discussion about what we could do as a group that I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to become involved. Just because you couldn’t make the meeting doesn’t mean you can’t participate. I’d love for more Rubyists to feel more at home in their community here, and that means talking to each other and helping each other. I think it’s time for some face to face time!

I hope you’ll consider turning out. Please let me know if the night of the week is bad for you– note that this meeting is on Tuesday, not on Wednesday. Most people said they could make our holiday party on Tuesday, so I figured we’d try that.

The meetup will be hosted at Amélie’s French Bakery on March 9th at 6:30PM. Please take the time to let us know if you can make it or not here

Sean Cribbs - Story Driven Development With Cucumber

Sean Cribbs, lead developer of Radiant CMS and co-founder of Lowdown gave a great talk this month called Story-Driven Development with Cucumber. Sean gives a great tutorial on how Cucumber works as well as the benefits that go along with story-driven development. I’ve posted the talk as well as his slides here for anyone who wasn’t able to make it or would like to see it again. Sorry for the dark video; It’s hard keeping it dark enough for a projector while bright enough to film our speakers.


available on vimeo


available on slideshare

Announcing Our New Sponsor - Engine Yard

I have great news everyone! Engine Yard has agreed to sponsor Charlotte.rb. So if you’re around on Wednesdays, stop on in, learn something new, or show others what you got.

Hack Night

Mark your calendars, we’ll circulate more details as the date gets closer. RSVP now.

Post Meetup Social

We’ll be meeting up at Morehead Tavern after the hacknight. It’s only about a mile from Enventys and I hear they have pool tables if anyone is interested. ((location)[])

Ben Scofield - Comics Is Hard

Ben Scofield from Viget Labs was nice enough to come down and give a talk to us last week. His talk goes into detail about how some problem domains do not map well to traditional relational databases. He also provides a lot of alternative ways to persist your data using technologies such as Redis, CouchDB, and MongoDB to name a few. I’ve post a video of the talk as well as Ben’s slides for anyone who wasn’t able to make it out.


available on Vimeo


available on slideshare