Charlotte Ruby User Group

Hack Night

New to Ruby? Want to help a newbie? Got a new project or an existing one you’d like to share with the group? Maybe you just like being around Rubyists and working on your own stuff. If any of these ring true, come check us out at the beginning of every month.

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The Rails View: The Junk Drawer Grows Up

John Athayde, author of The Rails View was kind enough to stop by and talk about Rails views. He covered 10 simple rules you can follow immediately to transform the way you write, think, and feel about Rails views. He also showed cutting edge techniques with SCSS, SVG imagery, and how to gemify your designs so they can be used easier across multiple apps.

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Rails 3.2 Front-End Introduction

Ben is back again this month to do a whirlwind tour of the Rails 3 front-end. He covers form basics, common pitfalls, scss, coffeescript, and how these new features tie into the asset pipeline. The group also discussed their favorite gems for building simple backend admin interfaces like Formtastic and ActiveAdmin.

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available here

If you’re interested in contributing to improve ActiveAdmin, it’s also being featured as the first project in the Ruby OpenSource Challenge

Github Training With It’s Bspoke

Though not officially part of the clt.rb, our very own Jim Van Fleet organized an Advanced Git Training session with the Github guys, hosted graciously by Classic Graphics. Tim Berglund (@tlberglund) and Adam Roben (@aroben) taught about a bunch of advanced and underused features of git as well as showing us how to get our Windows-only friends using source control with Github for Windows. More importantly, Github hosted a drinkup at the Flying Saucer immediately afterward.

DevOps and Remote Pairing

A two-fisted presentation this month!

First up was Jim Van Fleet of @otherscreen and @mocksup fame to talk about the DevOps movement. He covered the principles, ideas, and methods behind automating your infrastructure using Chef and Vagrant.

Our other presentation was by Ben Vangrift from Revelance. Ben went over the benefits of pair programming and how to setup a shared environment that’ll work in either a co-located or remote setup.

Jim and Ben doing a tmux demo


available here

Richard Schneeman - the 12 Factor App

Richard Schneeman, Ruby Evangelist at Heroku, stopped by to talk about the Twelve-Factor App method for building software applications. During the talk he covers bootstrapping, deploying, monitoring, and scaling up an application. @scheems covers how to develop these apps locally, store credentials securely in the cloud, and leverage existing services to use on Heroku.

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